Aromatherapy Candle

Aromatherapy Candle

Her first aromatherapy candle made with pure beeswax, ylang ylang, bergamot and lavender essential oils.

Candles have always been a favourite item in our household. Mostly for Mom’s three-hour baths (yes, a whole three- hours). She’s the easiest person to buy for because, when in doubt (or broke, as such has been the case), get her a candle. Even a pack of good quality tealights will be met with a smile and a thank you.

So, if you read my first post “Surprise!” you’ll know I was a tad irritated that mum took no pictures nor made no notes during her first attempt at making an aromatherapy candle with beeswax and essential oils. This is your first attempt and you’ve taken no pictures! You’re sooooo…pre-Instagram. Fortunately, Miss Snap-a-lot (that’s me) captured a photo.

Voila! We have the first aromatherapy candle and as an enthusiastic observer of the whole procedure I was very impressed with how smooth the surface turned out – partly because Mum shouted at my dad as he got in ,”Touch those chopsticks and you die! (referring to the chopsticks that held the cotton wick in place as the beeswax dried).”

The whole affair wasn’t as aromatic as I thought it would be – I was watching a movie at the time and cannot bear the smell of ylang ylang – but mum was being delicate with her droplets packing in ylang ylang (bleurgh), bergamot and lavender (woohoo) essential oils, and something else that I can’t remember now.  It’ll come to me, I’m new at this. She was going for fresh and clean.

She smiled at it for a while and we couldn’t wait to give it to her close friend whose milestone birthday is what inspired the attempt. As it was her first aromatherapy candle, we made the birthday girl light it up so we could take notes. By we, I mean mom.

Aromatherapy Candle Verdict: It didn’t burn as evenly or as aromatically as she would have liked. It did burn clean (she used 100% cotton wicks) and there was a hint of scent which suited me fine as she put ylang ylang essential oil (bleurgh), in it.

The burn was also quite slow so maybe it was a matter of time before the beeswax surface turned to liquid. Fortunately, it didn’t completely burn through the centre in a matter of seconds so she’s not chalking this one up as a fail. And, frankly, that candle still looks damn spiffy and I wants one.

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    • Jackie

      She’s amazing, my daughter! Yes, I was a little disappointed but I have recently found out that beeswax has a high melting point and takes a long time to burn. To make it a bit softer use another oil such as coconut oil…trial & error my friends, but great fun…

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