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Aromatherapy Diffuser…no it’s not a light volcano!

I’ve decided to name this new household item Dolly (because I live alone without pets so I name inanimate objects). Dolly is neither a smoke machine nor a light  volcano. Dolly is a diffuser and you should get one of these in your life. You don’t have to name her (or it can be him) Dolly. In fact, it’s probably best you don’t.

Since mum has started her training she’s been learning me all about how aromatherapy works for us including why I should get rid of my oil burner and switch to a aromatherapy diffuser. The long and the short of it is burners change the chemistry of the oils while diffusers just…well…diffuse it into the air. So, you’re getting the full benefits of the oil with every inhale and no heat tampering. Good, yah?

Plus, you know how you have to keep an eye on the burner cuz it’s like, a fire hazard? The aromatherapy diffuser will automatically shut off when the reserve is dry. Depending on how big your diffuser’s reserve is, you can get a good five to eight hours of diffusing. Win!

Mum not only bought a diffuser for me, but also for my nan (her lips are fine now btw) and she’s got two, herself; one for work, and one for home. The reason being that for over a year, mum’s been suffering from what is now chronic bronchitis. Along with her applied essential oil body blends, mum has been diffusing a combination of cypress, bergamot, and lavender (geranium at work to help clean the air) for the majority of her days and the cough was starting to subside. Unfortunately, she’s been on an extended visit to be with me and nan, so without her daily diffusing and blends, the cough has been quite strong. She’s also not been drinking her garlic milk, so that’s really her fault. Naughty, mummy. However, she is enjoying the benefits of my diffuser until she can return to hers…which she hasn’t named.

If you’re wondering where to get one Mum purchased hers from Amazon and she bought one with a larger reserve and a runtime of around eight hours. She purchased mine from Neal’s Yard, and a nifty little mini beaker was included for measuring the water. Mum thinks she’s stealing that. I think not.

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