Black Pepper Essential Oil

Black Pepper Essential Oil

Why you should be using Black Pepper essential oil for your respiratory health!

You should be using Black Pepper for more than just a flavour enhancement. Did you know Black Pepper essential oil provides respiratory support?

Yes, I know it makes a lot of us sneeze, but that is technically kicking your system into gear and dispelling bacteria that our body didn’t want anyway, which is quite helpful.

Fortunately for your nose, I’m not talking about sending yourself into a sneezing fit from freshly cracked peppercorns. Black Pepper essential oil, or Piper Nigrum as it is in Latin, is a wonderful oil for immune support, but not often thought of as a go to remedy for attacks to our respiratory system.

For a long time, I didn’t think about it either as my personal go to oils are Ravintsara (my favorite), Sweet Marjoram, and Laurel Leaf to name a few.

As someone who suffers from asthma and allergies, I go through my fair share of these oils and usually have the presence of mind to ensure I stay stocked.

Panic attack…

Alas, I had a mini panic one day when I realized that I hadn’t replenished said stock. Since I buy most of my stuff in bulk, there’s a fair few oils relegated to the shadows (because you must keep your oils cool) waiting for their turn in the spotlight, and after frantically digging around, Black Pepper won the forgotten oils sweepstakes.

A little research later, and I made a quick blend of Black Pepper, Myrrh, and Cardamom (more forgotten oils, yay) for a chest oil to help combat my occasional wheezing.

Now, don’t get me wrong. This oil isn’t going to win best smell in the world by a long mile as there’s still that scent of irritation, but one gets over it because (cue science) Black Pepper stimulates blood circulation and widens the blood vessels, and if you have trouble breathing like I occasionally do, that means an oil with Black Pepper in it is just the thing to provide some relief and get your respiratory system back on your side.

Black Pepper essential oil is also an expectorant so it helps make an unproductive cough, you know, more productive.  

Below you’ll find a quick recipe for a decongestant oil which not only includes Black Pepper essential oil, but also my respiratory fave Ravintsara, but before you start making your essential oil products, a note of caution.

I am not an advocate of taking essential oils internally, so I do not advise ingesting Black Pepper essential oil or any essential oils (I can tell you why if you really want me to). However, I am an advocate of due diligence and safety.

As with any health-related issues/topics, please do your homework and consult a health professional and/or your friendly, neighbourhood certified aromatherapist before you start dousing yourself in anything.

Recipe Time – A Little Something For You

Mix the essential oils with 2 oz. of Jojoba Oil.

At the first sign of a cold, rub the oil on your chest, feet and back and deeply inhale the scent on your hands.

Remember to take good care of your essential oil products and keep them in cool storage spaces to avoid contamination.

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