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Deodorize your life…with essential oils

Deodorize your life…with essential oils!

So Brighton is the dampest of the damp places. In Colorado, we blame all our problems on the altitude. In Brighton, all our issues are a direct result of all the damp we have to live with. Fact. So when I can smell my bin as I go up the stairs in my building and wrestle my key into the lock;

  1. It has nothing to do with the fact that it is right next to the door as you walk in
  2. Or that my flat is the size of a Wendy house
  3. Or that I consume ridiculous amounts of onion and garlic.

The bin is unbearably stank because it’s so goddamn damp. Not my fault at all.

Now what am I to do with this damp garbage smell that I fear may be seeping into my fabrics and knocking out residents as they walk past my flat?

It must be a job for essential oils… time to deodorize. Yes. Yes it is.

Oh and Pinterest because a Google/Bing search of any kind is like academic research. Quite simply, the recipes all/mostly called for baking soda, water, and essential oils. I have all three of those (well I didn’t have water the other day, but it was a temporary glitch).

There are a multitude of ways you can do it, but I went for the oven method  putting my baking soda and water paste into empty tealight cups because I can’t justify buying silicone muffin cups just yet, and used lavender and peppermint to deodorize the smell.

Once they were dry, I dropped one of my deodorizing bombs in the bottom of a fresh trash bag and waited. Well, I had to crumble it into the bag because the tealight cup wasn’t as easy to remove as, say, a silicone muffin cup.

Verdict: It’s been a week and while my bin still smells binny, it certainly doesn’t smell like there’s a decomposing body in it anymore and said smell no longer wafts into the room like sinister fog. And because the smell of lavender literally makes me feel happy, opening the bin is a joyous event. I feel like making deodorizers for everywhere in my life.

Disclaimer: You can deodorize with essential oils but they will not cure you of your damp. Please don’t start painting your mildew spots with essential oils.

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