LabAroma Workshop

LabAroma Workshop

LabAroma Workshop – No hookup, no discount!

Remember when I mentioned the botanicals conference? Well, one of Mum’s perks was signing up for the LabAroma Workshop. Three hours of glorious chit chat, software demo, and brain picking.

Amongst the gems of questions and answers, there was one that burned Mum’s bacon. “So what about a discount for the software?”

There’s always one. That one person who wants more for less and can’t recognise a benefit unless it keeps coins in their purse. It got me and mom talking about “the hookup.” Whenever someone is trying to do for themselves – sell products, start a business, etc. – someone, usually family/friends, want something for nothing or less than with “What about my discount?”

Really? The LabAroma Workshop Instructor, offered up three of her hours to demonstrate the software and how it will benefit others’ blending business, talk about the whys and how’s of creating her own business, and had already given all the participants great perks for signing up for the workshop. More? Really?

If you’re wondering, Colleen (LabAroma creator & instructor) gave an unequivocal “No.”

Mum’s already said flat out she’s not offering discounts (outside of regularly scheduled ones) by virtue of familiarity and I wholeheartedly agree. If my friends or family are selling, promoting, or creating something, it’s disrespectful to their output to expect/assume I can enjoy it for less than the price.

The woman in the LabAroma Workshop even got a bit shirty that there were no discounts beyond what they were already getting (she clearly forgot about those before asking the question and stayed salty about it for the rest of the workshop). Bet she doesn’t buy discount premium perfume. Or maybe she does, but those aren’t small businesses. Those aren’t people on the come up who aren’t in the position to thrive from minimal sales.

So, to conclude what’s accidentally turned into a rant (sorry), support those up-and-comers-long-way-off-from-magnaters and pay the monies, particularly if these are people you may claim to support, love, and champion. If what they’re selling is good, that process cost them time, energy, and product that they themselves had to pay for in order to create the product/service.

Not that I don’t think I might get a tiny discount (employee, obvs) from Mammy for all this effort and spiel on my end 😉😋

For more info about LabAroma, you can mosey on over to There’s also a fab blog with recipes via video. Stay busy!

Update: LabAroma is a fantastic product and Mum swears by it. She uses it extensively to formulate her blending and will never be without it. I love a good ending.

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  • Jacqueline

    Well what more can I say? I believe my daughter covered my thoughts on the subject of discounts beautifully. When time & love have gone into a process to bring something wonderful to the market, either the benefit is there, or it isn’t…

  • Ladies thank you for the mention. I love that you appreciate nu no discount philosophy xx

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