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How To Make Your Own Headache Inhaler
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Mudita Aromatics Class Enrollment Agreement: By enrolling in this class, I understand that 1. My tuition is FREE 2. I will be taught the safe use of essential oils as currently understood by my instructor 3. I hold Mudita Aromatics harmless for any adverse effects I may experience related to, or seeming to be related to, the use of any products, supplies, instructions, information, or suggestions offered in the course, via email, or through personal communications. 4. There are no additional charges for this class 5. My information will never be shared with a third party for any reason. I confirm that I have read this enrollment agreement and that I understand the contents. By signing this document, I agree to be bound by this agreement, and I understand that any violation of this agreement may, at the discretion of Mudita Aromatics, result in my exclusion from the class without refund of tuition, and I will hold Mudita Aromatics harmless for such exclusion.