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Thyme for Cedarwood

When it’s Thyme for some Cedarwood. Don’t roll your eyes, it’s an aromatherapy blog all about holistic well-being using essential oils…

Anyway, I’ve been complaining to my mother since mid-September about being ill. First it was a clear case of chest infection and then it rolled into full blown sinusitis. I even dragged my dust and fragments to the doctor for *shock* antibiotics, which worked but I still spoke like there was a peg over my nose. Fast forward to the beginning of this month when mammy  poured some essential oils on a tissue:

Mom: Breathe this in.

Me *sounding like Chucky from the Rugrats*: I can’t breathe, Mom, this isn’t going to work.

Mom: Shut up and breathe it in.

Me: *doing something that doesn’t really feel like I’m breathing through my nose.* Can’t smell a thing.

2-5 mins later … feels like pockets are opening up in my nostrils. Pockets of sweet relief.

Me: I think it’s working.

Mom: Thyme and Cedarwood essential oils which are brilliant for respiratory health. I’ve been using them for awhile now and feel great.

Me: *bear in mind I’ve been congested for about a month and a half prior to her arrival* You had essential oils that could help me, specifically Thyme and Cedarwood and you’ve let me suffer with sub-par treatment the whole time! What kind of aromatherapist are you? *sniffs the tissue again, this time actually inhaling*

Mom: I only brought & thought of those because I was getting ill and congested. I didn’t want to be sick while traveling across the pond to see you and Mum… you know how I get on the plane, coughing and spluttering all over the place.

Suffice to say, Mom’s working on her timing. however, in one day, my sense of smell (and taste) came back, and I added Thyme and Cedarwood essential oils to my emergency kit… holistic well-being at its core.

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